In this interactive solo performance in a working bar, compliments and threatening comments alike are dissected through a careful mix of humour, truth, and free drinks. I serve more than just beer as I use my own experiences of sexual harassment at work to show with unsettling clarity how language is intrinsic to violence against women.

Pour and Serve was originally developed for On The Verge Festival 2017 in partnership with Hope Street Ltd, Liverpool. It has since toured to Contact, Manchester, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh and York Theatre Royal. It is currently being developed for a tour of workplaces and universities with accompanying workshops on sexual harassment led by Hebe Reilly. Please get in touch for more information.


Press: Creative Tourist | A Younger Theatre


Audience feedback:

‘A skilful performance in safe hands. It was angry but didn’t target or humiliate anyone, perfect writing.’

‘Writing and performance were terrific. Moving, thoughtful, raw and real.’

‘It was affecting and unsettling to watch – very on point.’

‘People need to hear this.’


Click here to watch the Pour and Serve trailer by Vassago Film



Photo credit: Andrew Ness