Performance Practices 1 & 2 – University of Manchester, 2020

I am currently a teaching assistant and visiting artist on Performance Practices 1, a first year undergraduate course that aims to introduce students to a range of practical performance skills, and develop their abilities as both theatre practitioners and critics. As well as supporting students to create their own pieces of theatre, I deliver a masterclass on my own practice. I was also a teaching assistant on Performance Practices 2, a sister course that focuses on making and exploring contemporary performance.

How to be a Freelancer – University of Manchester, 2019

This interactive session for third year undergraduates shared tips on freelancing in the creative industries. Using my own experiences I covered practical subjects such as finances, taxes, wellbeing as a freelancer, how to find and create work, career planning, and staying true to your values.

Relative Values – Contact and People’s Palace Projects, 2018

Relative Values is an AHRC-funded research project which asks how we can measure and strengthen practices and policies that maximise the social and economic value of the arts. As Research Facilitator, I ran sessions with current and past participants from Contact’s projects to gather data from this research in an inclusive and accessible way, before transcribing it for economists at NECCULT, Brazil. I presented on strengths and challenges of this methodology at the Creative Economy Networks: research, policy and exchange seminar.

Cultural Democracy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – University of Manchester, 2017 – 2018

I worked with researcher Dr Alison Jeffers and arts consultant Gerri Moriarty to produce and deliver a symposium in April 2018 on cultural democracy. The symposium brought together artists and academics to explore how cultural democracy has changed over the years. I led a plenary session titled What Next? which encouraged delegates to reflect on the day and discuss future practice through facilitated conversation.

Studies in Liberal Subjectivity – Northwestern University, 2017

I assisted Prof. Tracy C Davis with archival research on this project exploring the role of performance in 19th Century activism.

You, The Audience Symposium – Royal Exchange Theatre, 2017

At this symposium I sat on the Audiences and Artists panel and gave a talk titled Trauma without the trauma: When creating autobiographical theatre, how can we as artists build a caring approach into our work to ensure that the audience are safe?

MA in Theatre and Performance (Applied Theatre) – University of Manchester, 2017

My MA thesis was titled How an ethics and aesthetics of care in approaches to applied theatre practice counter a society of ‘cruel disregard’. I was awarded the grade of Distinction.

Poor Theatres – University of Manchester, 2016

As a research assistant I transcribed and analysed audience responses to The House, part of the Poor Theatres research project led by Dr Jenny Hughes. My analysis of these responses forms part of an article published by the journal Studies in Theatre and Performance.

Caitlin Gleeson, Jenny Hughes, Janet Batsleer, Anuradha Kapur, Bobby Smith, Louise Wallwein, Janice B. Wilson, Sandra Reeve & Maggie B. Gale (2017) Audience responses to The House, Studies in Theatre and Performance, 37:1, 95-113